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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Hypothetical model of how IHF might release one domain of bound DNA.
Based on the structure determined by Rice, et al. (1996) Cell 87: 1295-1306

Animation of IHF bound to DNA fom molecular dynamics simulation

Michael F. Bruist, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
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Principal areas of research:

We are investigating the dynamics of DNA in DNA-protein structures and unusual DNA structures.
Abstracts of papers from the Bruist laboratory.

Current Lab Members: Undergraduate students:

Abhishek Satishchandran ('08)
Tu Nguyen ('08) Amanda Hussey ('09) Brendan O'Brien ('10)

Lecture materials:

CH342 (Nucleic Acid Chemistry) and CH347/348 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) are now on the USP Angel site.
Chemistry 727 (Physical Biochemistry, Fall 2005)
Chemistry 728 (Advanced Biochemistry, Fall 2008; more on Angel site for registered students )
Chemistry 841 (Analytical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Spring 2004)
Molecular Visualization Windows (3-D Graphics for Teaching Biochemistry)

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