Welcome to Dr. Tomsho's Research Lab. In this lab the development of new agents for the study and treatment of diseases is being pursued utilizing tools from the fields of chemistry and biology.  The research in my group is currently focused on the development of small molecules and peptides that target important processes in the organisms that cause infectious diseases.  This goal is being pursued via two major research directions that reflect the areas of chemistry and biology and their interface.  First is the use of boronic acid-containing compounds as potential small molecule pharmaceutical agents.  Second is the development of new techniques for the generation of peptide libraries and the subsequent selection of active members that disrupt specific protein-protein interactions.

Analytical Chemistry

Catherine Bentzley

Charles McEwen

 Biochemistry & Biophysical Chemistry 

Nathan Baird

Michael Bruist

Yumee Koo

Zhihong Wang

Organic & Medicinal Chemistry 

Elisabetta Fasalla

James McKee

John Tomsho

Inorganic & Materials Chemistry

Alexander Sidorenko

Computational Chemistry & Bioinformatics

Preston Moore

Zhijun Li

Zhiwei Liu

Vojislava Pophristic

Randy Zauhar

Physical Chemistry  

Frederick Schaeffer

Rodney Wigent

Chemical Education 

Madhu Mahalingam

Elisabeth Morlino