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Dr. Alexander Sidorenko (AKA Oleksandr Sydorenko) graduated with M. S. in Chemistry (honors) from Lviv State University, Ukraine. He received his PhD in Phisical Chemistry in 1994 from National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. Prior joining the faculty of USciences in 2007, he worked in the Institute of Phisical Chemistry (Lviv, Ukraine), guest scientist in Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research, postdoc in Iowa State University (with Prof. V. V. Tsukruk), staff scientist in the Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e.V., Germany, research consultant in Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ),  materials research scientist in research center at Corning, Inc. (Corning, NY).




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                            Dr. A. Sidorenko

                            University of the Sciences

                            Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry

                            600 South 43rd Street

                            Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research interests:

Synthesis of polymers and biopolymers 

Design and modification of thin films 

Nanostructured and hybrid (""smart"") materials



Alexander Sidorenko  

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